Anthias – Randall’s Anthias (Pseudanthias randalli)

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The Randall’s Anthias is one of the few Anthias species with color differences between the male and female, where the male Randall’s Anthias are striped in red and magenta while the female Randall’s Anthias has a yellow nose.

Quick stats – Randall’s Anthias

Max size3” / 7 cm
AquariumMin. 70 gallons / 265 litres
Water72-78° F / 22-25° C

dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

sg 1.020-1.025
Care levelModerate
ColorsPink, red, yellow
Lifespan3-5 years

Randall’s Anthias description

Just as with all Anthias species, the Randall’s Anthias are hermaphroditic in nature. The largest female Randall’s Anthias of a group will often change to replace a dominant male Randall’s Anthias if he suddenly dies.

Randall’s Anthias in the ideal aquarium

Randall's Anthias (Pseudanthias randalli)

Setting up the ideal aquarium for the Randall’s Anthias will require a well filtered species-specific tank with a minimum of 70 gallons/265 litres or best 125 gallons/473.2 litres to house a few other individuals.

The males are preferably kept alone with several females or they are simply kept individually. Randall’s Anthias are reef compatible and can be kept with similar peaceful species.

They are bottom dwellers and enjoy an environment with lots of hiding places and low lighting.

Randall’s Anthias feeding

The Randall’s Anthias are always in their best performance when they are fed enriched frozen brine shrimp, varying diet of frozen mysis shrimp when they are introduced into the aquarium. With time they can get used to flaked meals and should be fed with high quality flake foods.

The foods should be offered in small quantities throughout the day.
An attached refugium that cultivates copepods and amphipods is required to provide them with a steady supply of nutritious live food to keep them alive and active.