Dwarf Angelfish – Purple Masked Angelfish (Centropyge multicolor)

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Otherwise known as Venustus Angel or Blue-backed Angelfish, the Purple Masked Angelfish is one of the rare dwarf Angelfish with exquisite coloration and personality.

Quick stats – Purple Masked Angelfish

Category Info
Origin Fiji, Indo-Pacific, Philippines, Vanuatu
Max size 5” / 12.70 cm
Aquarium Min 70 gallon / 265 liters
Water 74-79° F / 23-27° C

dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.5

sg. 1021-1.025
Care level Difficult – Expert level
Behaviour Semi-aggressive
Diet Omnivore
Family Pomacanthidae
Colors Blue, orange, yellow
Lifespan Up to 6 years

Purple Masked Angelfish description

They are native to the Indo-pacific oceans, spanning through Fiji, Philippines and Vanuatu. They are often found in caves and deep reef slopes.

The body has a striking color balance between blue and yellow. The lower half has a deep blue coloration while the upper half has a beautiful yellow coloration with a blue triangular patch over the eyes.

Purple Masked Angelfish in the ideal aquarium

Purple Masked Angelfish - Paracentropyge venusta

Setting up the best aquarium for Purple Masked Angelfish will require a well filtered minimum of 70 gallon/265 liters that is set up within the required water parameters standard of a saltwater environment.

As shy species, the tank should be decorated with large amounts of live rocks to provide them with hiding places.

They can be kept in a reef tank, but should be closely monitored. As much as they seldom pick at the stony and soft corals, they are notorious at picking at the clam mantles probably due to the zooxanthellae in the clam mantle tissue.

Purple Masked Angelfish are suitably housed alone and can be aggressive to similar Angelfish species and overly aggressive to species with similar colorations or shape.

Purple Masked Angelfish feeding

As omnivores, the Purple Masked Angelfish are though very selective at what they eat. In the wild, they are naturally sponge eaters.

In captivity, among the best food for Purple Masked Angelfish we can recommend: spirulina, marine algae, mysis or frozen shrimp, high quality prepared Angelfish foods that contain sponges and other meaty products.