Quarantine – The Perfect Time to Start an Aquarium?

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Why set up a new aquarium?

Enjoying fish keeping in the office or at home became something really easy to accomplish nowadays. Having an aquarium or more is extremely rewarding and brings a lot of joy especially during these weird quarantine times. 

It has been scientifically proved that keeping and watching an aquarium helps reduce stress and anxiety, increases relaxation levels and decreases heart rate and muscle tension. While we all feel a bit bored, anxious, and frustrated sitting at home, fortunately we got our beautiful and highly rewarding hobby.

These are therefore simply ideal times to just get started with your first fish tank, or setup another one. With so many options around us, fortunately it’s very easy to find the right fish tank, accessories and thanks to really fast shipping vendors, we get those at home in no time.

For people having kids, starting a new aquarium can also keep the kids focused and engaged during the fish tank set up and afterwards. Children are very curious by nature, so keeping them around an aquarium will be a great experience.

The tough choice: freshwater or saltwater?

When we begin diving into this topic we should narrow it down to two key factors – your own interest and budget. While some love aquascaping, or tropical freshwater setups, others love reef tanks with their majestic corals and amazingly colored fish.

Diving into the second factor, the budget is rather crucial. Depending on the tank size and its complete setup including all the necessary accessories, the final price could be quite high.

A top saltwater tank is a sum of high-tech awesome devices. While such devices are not very difficult to use, they are vital for the well being of our tanks. To list a few such cool devices we can refer to wavemakers, programmable LED lighting solutions, or protein skimmers.

Compared to the fancy reef tank, a freshwater aquarium, normally uses simpler and also cheaper filtration systems, led lighting or heating devices.
The point here is anyway, regardless of the aquarium type you choose, the variety of fish, plants, and invertebrates to choose from is almost endless.

How to choose the aquarium size?

There is literally an endless list of available aquariums to choose from nowadays. From classic types to high-end modern tanks, including sturdy and durable stands along with top class accessories.

Again it only depends what kind of tank you wish to set up. For those interested in smaller tanks, for scaping or keeping a small reef, the modern nano tanks are the best option.

For people interested in having larger aquariums to keep Cichlids for instance, then 70 to 120 gallons tanks are just perfect!

For the best marine tank experience though, many enthusiasts choose the Red Sea tanks. These are simply among the very best high-end setups out there, which will never disappoint.

Where to purchase aquarium fish?

Plenty of pet stores are still open during these quarantine times, however it might be just best to simply order the fish from a trustworthy supplier. But this is really up to us and what suits us better. Sometimes for instance we want to actually see with our own eyes what we want to buy. 

But if you are comfortable to purchase online your freshwater plants or decorations, then that’s very handy and easy.

To conclude

It is absolutely a great time to begin your aquarium keeping journey, or simply to start setting up a new tank. It is truly a fascinating and rewarding experience to start your first aquarium.

Besides this, there’s a great community of aquarium enthusiasts all over the world ready to help and assist with guidance. If you think we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we’re more than happy to help.

Happy fishkeeping and stay healthy everyone!