Anthias – Ignitus Anthias (Pseudanthias ignitus)

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Natives to the reef of Maldives, the Ignitus Anthias is also commonly called the Flame Anthias.
Just as the name implies, Ignitus Anthias has a fiery red, bold orange and vibrant yellow colors that figuratively light up the tank.

Quick stats – Ignitus Anthias

Max size3.5” / 9 cm
AquariumMin. 70 gallons / 265 litres
Water72-78° F / 22-25° C

dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

sg 1.020-1.025

Care levelEasy
ColorsRed, orange, yellow
Lifespan3-5 years

Ignitus Anthias description

As with all Anthias species, the Ignitus Anthias are hermaphrodites with the most dominant and largest female morphing into a male in the absence of a male in the same group.

During courting, the coloration of the male is observed to greatly intensify with the red dorsal fin kept in an upright position.

Ignitus Anthias in the ideal aquarium

Ignitus anthias - Pseudanthias ignitus

Perhaps one of the easiest Anthias species to keep, they are a natural reef inhabitant, meaning they should ideally be kept in a reef tank to mimic their natural habitat.

Setting up the best tank for the Ignitus Anthias will require a well filtered minimum of 125 gallons/473.2 litres to keep a few groups of Ignitus Anthias consisting of 1 male and up to 10 females. But if they should be suitably housed alone, they can be kept in a 70 gallon/265 litre tank.

As a peaceful species, Ignitus Anthias should be kept with similar peaceful species.
Large and aggressive species should be greatly avoided.

Ignitus Anthias feeding

Ignitus Anthias are carnivores with high planktivorous appetite.

They can be fed with meaty foods including live and frozen mysis shrimp, enriched frozen brine shrimp. An attached refugium that ensures the cultivation of copepods and amphipods will also provide these species with nutritious live foods.

With time they will accept high-quality flaked foods, but should be offered in small quantities throughout the day.