Dwarf Angelfish – Bluefin Angelfish (Centropyge multispinis)

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Due to the different characteristics they possess, the Bluefin Angelfish has been known by some other names including, the Dusky Angelfish, Multi-Spined Angelfish, Manyspined Angelfish or Dusky Cherub.

Quick stats – Bluefin Angelfish

OriginSri Lanka
Max size6” / 15 cm
AquariumMin 70 gallon / 260 liters
Water74-79° F / 23-26° C

dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.5

sg 1021-1.025

Care levelModerate
ColorsBlack, blue
Lifespan6 years

Bluefin Angelfish description

This fish possesses a blackish blue (Dusky) body coloration and a marble blue color on the caudal, dorsal and anal fins. It also has a sapphire blue outline that runs through the anal and caudal fins.

They exhibit hermaphroditism with the dominant female changing sex to male in the absence of any males.

They lack visual differences between the sexes which makes them difficult to breed in captivity.

Bluefin Angelfish in the ideal aquarium

Centropyge multispinis

Setting up the best aquarium for Bluefin Angelfish will require a well filtered minimum of 70 gallon/265 litres tank or larger within the minimum acceptable requirement of a saltwater habitat. These species are semi-aggressive, but tend to be more aggressive in a smaller tank. So a larger tank would be more suitable.

Their water parameters should have the following requirements: 23-27˚C (72.0-78.0F), pH 8.1-8.54, 8-12 dKH, 1020-1.025 sg.

The tank should have lots of live rocks that provides them with hiding places and also facilitates the growth of algae upon which they can graze on.

These species are suitably housed alone, but if they should be added with other species, they should be housed with similar semi-aggressive provided they have a large enough tank to maintain their territory.

They are unsuitable for a reef tank as they would nip and damage the precious corals and sessile invertebrates.

Bluefin Angelfish feeding

They are omnivores and the best food for Bluefin Angelfish is based on a variety of meaty and vegetable products including Marine Algae, Spirulina, Mysis shrimp and many other prepared quality meals.

With proper care the Bluefin Angelfish can live up to 6 years while growing up to 6’’ (15.24cm).