Chromis – Green Chromis (Chromis viridis)

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Green Chromis is one of the most popular fish species in the aquarium life that’ll certainly give you a wonderful fish keeping experience. They are inexpensive, beautifully colored, and possess great energy/personality to create harmony in your tank.

Quick stats – Green Chromis

OriginIndo-Pacific Ocean
Max size4” / 10 cm
AquariumMin 30 gallon / 110 liters
Water74-82° F / 22-26° C

dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

sg 1.020-1.025

Care levelEasy
ColorsGreen, blue

Green Chromis description

The Green Chromis (Chromis Viridis) is a peaceful species related to the Damselfish family and one of the most popular saltwater fish species with the ability to create peace and harmony among other fish species.

They are native to the Indo-Pacific environment and are mainly found in the protected areas including lagoons and corals.

Otherwise known as the Blue Green Chromis, this species owes its name to its glittering coloration which ranges from light blue to a pale green body.

They possess a compact found with a forked tail. However, during mating, these species turn into yellow and their tails turn black.

They are schooling species and are often found swimming in large shoals where they flash off green glitters as the lighting falls on them. They are suitably kept in a school group of 6 members or more, this will help them to resist frequent bullying.

They are active swimmers and will spend most of their lives in the middle column of their water. Except for the black blotch on the inner pectoral fins of the Black Axil Chromis, they are often confused with the Green Chromis. However, the Black Axil Chromis has a slightly slender and longer body.

In the wild they usually grow up to 4’’, but in the tank, they would grow smaller to about 3’’, which makes them suitable for nano tanks as well.

They are popular species and can be found in most pet and fish stores. Also, they are very affordable and with just a few dollars, you can build a home for these lovely species.

They are very easy to care for which makes them suitable for fish keepers of all levels.

Green Chromis in the natural habitat

The Green Chromis is native to the shallow reefs of the South Pacific and Indo-pacific environment.

In the wild, they are schooling species and are often seen in large shoals. They are often found in protected and hidden places such as the lagoons and corals.

They are active swimmers and will swim in all levels of the water, but they spend most of their time in the middle water column.

They are mostly found in about 1 meter of shallow waters, although can also be rarely found up to 12 meters depth of water.

In the wild they are omnivores and tend to be more of scavengers, feeding on a variety of meaty and vegetable matters including zooplankton, phytoplankton, algae, larvae, Mysis shrimp, copepods, and tiny crustaceans.

Green Chromis in the ideal aquarium

Blue Green Chromis - Chromis viridis

Setting up the ideal tank for Green Chromis should be carried out within the acceptable standard for saltwater species which includes a zero ammonia level and nitrates/nitrites level less than 2 ppm).

An aquarium tank for these lovely species will require a minimum of 30 gallons tank having the following requirements; 22.2-26˚C (72-82F), 8.1-8.4 pH, 8-12 dGH, and sg 1.023-1.025, to house about 8 Green Chromis. However, if a larger shoal should be kept, then a bigger tank of at least 60 gallons should be provided.

Adequate water conditions should always be maintained with high tank hygiene, good filtration and frequent water changes, replacing up to 20% of the water at each interval. Negligence to this would result in certain diseases and sickness which may even cause the death of these species.

As active swimmers, always occupying the middle region, they have no special preference to the substrate, but they should be provided with a smooth substrate. A sand substrate can be used. This will also provide them with a breeding spot to build their egg nest.

Rockwork decoration such as live rock with lots of hiding spots can also be provided.

These live rocks should also be able to facilitate lots of algae growth for them to graze on.

They don’t require strong lighting as this will make them uncomfortable. Moderate normal lighting should be provided. This will also help to display their glittering coloration as they shoal together.

These species are coral inhabitants, so the tank should mimic their natural habitat by providing them with a lot of coral such as the Acropora and other SPS Corals. They would even sleep within these corals.

As schooling species, they are most suitably housed in a large school group of 8 or more individuals. Lesser number of school groups should be avoided as the dominant alpha fish might tend to harass the weaker one(s). A school group of Green Chromis is quite a beauty to behold as they throw off green and blue flashes while they swim in the middle water column.

The Green Chromis can make a great community fish when kept with other fish species. As peaceful species, they can be housed with similar sized, peaceful and community species such as Basslets, Butterflies and Blennies.

Large, aggressive, and predatory fish should be greatly avoided as they may harass these peaceful species and even prey on them.

Green Chromis feeding

In the wild, they are omnivores and can feed on a variety of food matters including meaty, vegetables, algae, zooplankton and most often planktonic matters.

They are also notorious at preying on unfertilized eggs.

However, the Green Chromis are not picky eaters and will feed on anything offered to them. Due to the fact that they feed on a variety of food sources, their meal should be adequately balanced.

Frozen and live food such as Krill and Mysis Shrimp will meet their meaty food requirement.

Herbivore flakes and crushed vegetables such as spinach and cucumber are great for the Green Chromis.

Their meal can be compensated with high quality processed meals, and the tank should ensure adequate algae growth.

The feeding frequency of these species will depend on their tank size. In a small tank, they should be fed 1-2 times a day with just enough they could finish in a few minutes. For a larger tank, they can be fed 2-3 times a day. Every leftover food should be immediately removed. This is to ensure adequate water conditions.

Green Chromis breeding

Breeding Green Chromis in captivity is quite difficult as they will require a tank with ideal conditions void of any predatory species that will prey on their eggs.

However, a few successful stories have been recorded. The male will prepare a nest in the sand bed into which the female will lay a large number of eggs.

The male will then fertilize and tend to the eggs until they hatch in a few days.

The male will often prey on unfertilized eggs or eggs that do not hatch.

To conclude

Green Chromis is an inexpensive fish with a great personality that is just perfect for your reef tank. They are radiantly beautified with dazzling blue/green color that throws off sparkles when light hits on them as they shoal together.

They are quite hardy but are prone to diseases if impeccable and stable tank conditions are not maintained.

They are omnivores, but in the wild, they tend to be more of scavengers feeding primarily on the planktonic matter. However, they can be fed with a variety of food including meaty foods, vegetable matters, flakes, and algae matter.

Breeding Green Chromis in captivity has been a hassle due to the perfect tank requirement. Howbeit, a few successful stories have been recorded.

With proper care and adequate tank conditions, the Green Chromis can live over 8 years whilst growing up to 4’’.

Green Chromis FAQs

What is the life span of Green Chromis?

With proper care and the right tank conditions, Green Chromis can live for more than 8 years, up to 15.

What is the maximum size of Green Chromis?

Green Chromis can grow up to 4” (10.16cm) long.

What are suitable tank mates for Green Chromis?

Green Chromis can be housed with similar-sized, peaceful, and community species such as Basslets, Butterflies, and Blennies.

What is the best food for Green Chromis?

Green Chromis are omnivores and can be fed a variety of foods including meaty food, vegetable matters, algae, zooplankton, processed and dried foods. They are not fussy eaters and will eat almost anything served to them.

Frozen and live food such as Krill and Mysis Shrimp will meet their meaty food requirement.

Herbivore flakes and crushed vegetables such as spinach and cucumber are great for the Green Chromis.