Dwarf Angelfish – Black Nox Angelfish (Centropyge nox)

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Just as the name suggests, the Black Nox Angelfish (Centropyge Nox) has an overall black coloration that runs through their entire body. Also known as the Midnight Angelfish, they are a species belonging to the Dwarf Angelfish group.

Quick stats – Black Nox Angelfish

Max size4” / 10 cm
AquariumMin 100 gallon / 380 liters
Water72-78° F / 23-27° C

dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.5

sg 1020-1.025

Care levelModerate

Black Nox Angelfish in the natural habitat

They are native to the tropical waters of the Western Pacific including Ryukyu Islands to Indonesia and spanning through the Solomon Islands and the New Caledonia.

Black Nox Angelfish in the ideal aquarium

Centropyge Nox

Setting up the best aquarium for the Black Nox Angelfish will require a well filtered tank within the minimum requirement of a saltwater aquarium and having a minimum of 70 gallons / 378.5 litres with lots of rockwork and caves to provide them with hiding places.

They are peaceful as juveniles, but as they get older they turn aggressive for no just cause.

As semi-aggressive, they are unsuitable tank mates with most species. As a matter of fact, they can be extremely aggressive to similar Dwarf Angelfish species, so they should be the only Dwarf Angelfish in your tank.

These species are not compatible with reef tanks, as they will often nip and feed on your precious Corals polyps, Clam mantles and Zoanthids.

Black Nox Angelfish feeding

They are omnivores and will feed on a varying diet of meaty and vegetable foods. The tank should also have lots of live rock that encourages the growth of algae matters upon which they will graze.

Mysis, Brine shrimp, Spirulina and Marine algae and many other meaty foods are yummy food choices for the Black Nox Angelfish and they should be fed thrice a day.

Black Nox Angelfish breeding

These species lack visible color differences between the male and female which makes it difficult to select mates and breed in captivity.

With proper care, the Black Nox Angelfish can live up to 15 years and grow up to 4’’ (10.16cm).