Best 150 and 175 Gallon Aquariums (Reviewed 2021)

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The path to large tanks of 150 & 175 gallons

It has been proven over the past couple of decades how largely spread the aquarium fish-keeping has become. Most of us begin our aquarium journey from a very young age, first by keeping some Goldfish, then some live breeders, and then moving to some larger community tanks of up to 40 gallons approximately.

We then start to master some of the basic principles of keeping an aquarium, including filtration, fish stocking and breeding, feeding the right amounts at the right times, species compatibility, and so forth. Once these principles have been mastered, we typically begin with more advanced species like Angelfish or Discus, which demand larger tanks of a minimum of 55 gallons.

You may also be interested in our well-detailed list of 50 & 55-gallon aquariums.

Now, fish-keeping is also driven by a high level of curiosity which naturally implies that we have a strong desire to get started at some point with a saltwater tank as well. When that happens I’d strongly recommend getting started with a nano reef tank, cycled properly, with the right cleaning crew and aquarium accessories, and perhaps a couple of Clownfish later on.

We listed below the top tanks currently available in this category and after that we’ll dive into more specific details, like stocking, tank dimensions, filtration needs etc.

Best 150 & 175 Gallon Aquariums Compared

Overall Best 150 Gallon Tank
SCA Aquarium W/ Stand
SCA Aquarium W/ Stand

Capacity: 150 Gallon
Sump: 68 Gallon
Material: StarFire Low Iron Glass
Includes: 180 Gallon Protein Skimmer
Includes: 650 GPH Return Pump
Stand: 3 Different Color Options

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Best Cheap 150 Gallon Tank
SC Aquarium W/o Stand
SC Aquarium W/o Stand

Capacity: 150 Gallon
Built-in: Overflow Box 
Material: StarFire Low Iron Glass
Includes: Plumbing Kit

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Best 175 Gallon Tank Kit
JAJALE Aquarium
JAJALE Aquarium

Capacity: 175 Gallon
Sump: Multiple compartiments
Material: Sturdy & very transparent glass
Includes: LED lighting system
Water pump: 45W 1200 GPH
Includes: Filtration system & media

Stand: Different Color Options

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Best Tech 175 Gallon Tank
Aqua Dream Aquarium
Aqua Dream Aquarium

Capacity: 175 Gallon
Sump: Multiple compartiments
Material: Durable tempered glass
Includes: LED lighting system
Water pump: 1188 GPH pump

Includes: Filtration system & media
Stand: Different Color Options

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Should I switch to a 150-gallon tank?

Naturally, if time and budget allow us, then yes – getting a 150 gallon tank or even a larger one, is absolutely worth it!

150 gallon tanks stocking ideas

If we talk about freshwater species, then the options are quite wide. Let’s list below some potential freshwater stocking ideas for a 150 gallon or larger tanks:

  • Discus (about 14), Corydoras Sterbai (the Starbai Corys are the best to tolerate higher temperatures), a small school of Rummynose or Cardinal Tetras (about 14 as well), a school of Otocinclus (these guys work non-stop doing a great job, and they aren’t messy compared to Plecos for instance).
  • Angelfish (about 8-10) although it depends on how many breeding pairs they’ll form as that can trigger some territorial disputes, a small school of Rummynose or Cardinal Tetras (about 14 as well). plus a cleaning crew of Corydoras and Otocinclus/Plecos depending on what’s your preference.
  • Oscars and Plecos as cleaners
  • African Cichlids
  • Black ghost knife fish and a school of Rainbowfish
  • Or simply a large community species tank

When it comes to stocking a 150-gallon tank with marine species, one should carefully pay attention to their compatibility. If plenty of freshwater species can play along with each other, that’s not the same with marine species.

There are plenty of species out there that aren’t even compatible with their own kind unless they can establish large territories.

For instance, this is a lovely marine stocking for a 150 gallon FOWLR tank:

  • One Clownfish
  • Flame Wrasse (Pair)
  • Leopard Wrasse
  • White Tail Bristletooth Kole Tang
  • Goldflake Angelfish
  • Naso Tang with Streamers

There are literally endless marine stocking combinations for such stunning tanks. You basically need to pay attention to the compatibility of the species, but also to corals, ensuring the fish won’t be nipping at the corals.

150 gallon tanks dimensions

These tanks are typically quite large and in a rectangular shape. It is becoming as well quite the standard, to have a cabinet or stand coming with the tank as well, but some manufacturers give you the option to have only the tank shipped, without any stand.

That saves up a lot of money and some aquarists prefer that, as they’ll simply build the stand themselves for a much lower cost.

Below there’s a table with approximate tank and weight dimensions for 150 & 175 gallon tanks:

Tank sizeL x W x HEmpty weightFilled weight
150 Gallon60″ x 24″ x 24″338 lbs1838 lbs
175 Gallon59″ x 19.7″ x 31.5″391 lbs1870 lbs
Looking at the overall filled weight of these tanks, there’s no doubt they can get very heavy! So carefully check the floor and the exact location you want to place such a tank, to avoid any unnecessary situations.

150 gallon tanks build materials

These larger tanks are relatively newer compared to other smaller tanks at least. They are all built using high quality, tempered, and very transparent glass. Such glass material is extremely durable and highly resistant to all sorts of scratches.

Top of it all, the visible light transmittance through this glass is greater than 91.5%, despite the thickness of the glass which is roughly about half an inch.

The stands are as well sturdy ones, capable of properly handling great weights, but also offering large cabinet areas for the sump and other accessories, fish-food, etc. The tanks listed in our top come with either reinforced wooden stands or even better metal ones, highly resistant to saltwater erosion.

Such stands can never fail, doing a great job for decades, while never deforming or fading in colors or finishings.

150 gallon tanks accessories

Most of these tanks come equipped with included filtration systems and media, powerful LED lighting for sustained and healthy coral growth, water pumps, and some even include a protein skimmer as a bonus so to say.

The plumbing and setting up of such a large tank of 150+ gallons can be a daunting task. Fortunately, though, the aquariums listed in our article, come with clear and effective installation instructions. One of the tanks comes without a stand, but the other 3 have a stand as well, available in different nuances, they have a sump, and all the plumbings and accessories included.

Upon request after contacting the vendor, there is a possibility of having an expert sent over, to handle the installation process.

Should you consider that adjacent filtration is necessary for your tank, you can relate to our recommended aquarium canister filters review.

Some useful information: as a rule of thumb, the total filtration GPH capacity should be around 5 times higher than the total capacity of the tank – so for a 150-gallon tank, you should aim for about 750+ total filtration GPH. The higher the bio-load, then the higher the GPH.

Next to the extensive and efficient filtration, for marine aquariums, it’s highly recommended to make use as well of a protein skimmer. The protein skimmers come in great aid to your existing filtration, removing any uneaten fish-food or waste before they even begin their breaking down process to smaller particles.

You may also be interested in our review of the best protein skimmers currently available on the market.

Covering all the significant aspects regarding large tanks such as 150 and 175 gallons ones, let’s pick up and go through the details of all the aquariums listed here in our article.

1. SC Aquarium W/ Stand – Overall Best 150 Gallon Aquarium with Stand

Plug & Play Aquarium System
SCA 150 Gallon Aquarium with Maple Wood Cabinet - Overall Best 150 Gallon Aquarium with Stand

SCA 150 Gallon Aquarium with Maple Wood Cabinet

For saltwater fish-keeping enthusiasts looking for an upgrade to a 150-gallon tank, that literally includes everything, look no further as this is the ultimate best kit you can get.

In short, it’s built using the best aquarium glass available and includes all the necessary equipment to plug and play the perfect saltwater environment.

It doesn’t even need a protein skimmer, since the pack already includes one that can handle tanks of up to 180 gallons.

Best built aquariums

The SCA Aquariums is a relatively newer aquariums manufacturer, but it does everything by the book. Their tanks are made of low iron glass, 12mm euro braced. Now, what does the euro bracing refer to?

Euro bracing, when we talk about fish-tanks, it’s referring to the single strips of glass which are placed around the top of the tank, and held by silicone. This ensures extra resistance and safety for the tank, without compromising any space and visibility at the top of the tank, so the LED lights can still operate at their maximum efficiency.

Going one level lower, in below the tank, we can notice a strong and durable maple wood cabinet.

The cabinet is housing a 68-gallon sump with ATO reservoir built-in (Automatic top off units), with all the needed compartments, mandatory for a successful saltwater aquarium. The protein skimmer capable of handling up to 180-gallon tanks is also included in the package, making this a great deal, as you won’t have to spend anything extra to purchase a separate skimmer.

The Atman PH2500 water return pump is also included, and it’s capable of an effective operation at 650 GPH.

Aquarium dimensions and plumbing

Looking at the tank itself, leaving aside the stand an any other components, these its precise dimensions:

  • 60″ L x 24″ W x 24″ H and it’s made of 12mm thick glass

Built-in the tank as well, is an overflow box with three holes already drilled. This box can be extremely useful if you choose to purchase the tank without a stand and its main sump, but decide to go with a custom environment. Such an overflow box is a great entry point to set up a sump.

Furthermore, if you do decide to purchase the full kit, then these dimensions should be of great help, when determining what’s the best location to place the tank:

  • 62″ L x 25″ W x 36″ H – Maple wood cabinet
  • 52″ L x 17″ W x 17.75″ H – 68 Gallon sump
  • SCH40 Standard size plumbing kit
  • Euro braced, top quality glass built
  • Includes a protein skimmer, powerful water return pump
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Built-in 68 gallon sump with automatic top off
  • Top quality stand that’s blends in nicely with any house interior design
  • No LED lighting included
  • The plumbing kit is ok, but could be of better quality

2. SC Aquarium W/o Stand – Best Cheap 150 Gallon Aquarium

Top Quality at a Low Price
SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Starfire Glass - Best Cheap 150 Gallon Aquarium

SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Starfire Glass

This is the perfect saltwater aquarium that you can get for the money. It’s exactly the same tank as the first product in the article, except for the stand and protein skimmer.

It does come though with the same built-in overflow box, ideal for a HOB protein skimmer and filtration media.

Stunning quality glass

For the price, there simply isn’t a better 150-gallon fish tank. The SC Aquariums are all made of starphire glass. This refers to the type of low-iron glass that provides an extremely high clarity compared to standard glass types.

The glass contains silica in its composition, hence the missing greenish-blue tint that we can notice in regular glass materials.

Multiple ways of customization

If you call their customer support, there’s a high chance you’ll end up to the owner himself. Basically that’s how open and friendly are the guys from SC Aquariums. Depending on your needs, space, and desired setup, they can do all sorts of customizations.

That’s why this tank, for instance, you can get it with or without a cabinet, or without a sump, etc.

  • Top-quality for a friendly price
  • Built-in overflow box
  • Super open and friendly customer support
  • The aquarium can be bought with cabinet too, with or without sump
  • Well delivered in a protected box
  • Can’t say any

3. JAJALE Aquarium – Best 175 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Complete Aquarium Setup
JAJALE Ultra Clear Tempered Glass - Best 175 Gallon Aquarium Kit

JAJALE Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

An overall perfect aquarium system to get started with a large tank of a 175 gallons. It comes in differerent astonishing color combinations that will create an amazing display in any living room or office.

It’s not just about the aesthetics, but also about the hardware.

It’s equipped with a LED lighting system, a powerful return pump of up to 1200 GPH, but also with a filtration system, including all the necessary media.

An aquarium that’s adding style

How many aquariums out there do really stand out for an amazing look? It’s true that nowadays most of them look beautiful, but lots of them aren’t even close to the amazing image produced by the JAJALE aquariums. These aquariums are simply ideal for any professional office, but also for the ordinary living room, which will surely be brighten up by such a splendid aquarium.

Such a display is created by the amazing color combinations, the crystal clear tempered glass, but also by the composition of the cabinet and aquarium frame. These are reinforced using a resilient titanium and magnesium composition, ensuring a long lifetime.

The cabinet and aquarium frame are highly resistant to deformation, and they’ll never change their colors, or show any signs of rust. The stand can be opened on both sides, offering convenient access to the sump.

Outstanding filtration & powerful pump

Among the included accessories, we have to mention the powerful water pump that operates at 45W, generating 1200 GPH, which is just the perfect flow rate for such a large tank. The entire filtration system and operation are nicely hidden in the aquarium stand so you won’t be bothered by any external wires or tubes – simply enjoy the aquarium display!

Something that we want to emphasize as well, is the included LED lighting system, which most aquarium kits designed for saltwater do not provide. The lights are perfectly designed for a marine environment, allowing for an effective PAR that’s best for coral growth.

The tri-color LED lighting system will add a brilliant sense of luxury to your home or office.

Aquarium dimensions

Quite a large and heavy overall aquarium kit, so we recommend a thorough check of its future location, making sure it’s sustainable long term, and there’s also enough room around the aquarium to enjoy the superb view. Below are the dimensions of the tank itself, but also of the stand:

  • 59″ L x 19.6″ W x 32.7″ H – Aquarium dimensions
  • 59″ L x 19.6″ W x 29.5″ H – Aquarium cabinet dimensions
  • Splendid design and color combinations
  • Complete 175-gallon aquarium kit
  • Hidden filtration without exposing any tubes or wires
  • Powerful water pump – 1200 GPH
  • The perfect aquarium for an office
  • A bit pricey
  • Instructions to install the filtration system are quite vague

4. Aqua Dream – Best Tech 175 Gallon Tank

Plenty of Color Combinations
Aqua Dream Aquarium - Best Tech 175 Gallon Tank with plenty of color combinations

Aqua Dream Aquarium

This is one of the newest brands of such large and well-equipped tanks of 175 gallons or even 360 gallons.

Looking at the delivered quality and included accessories, the price although a bit high, we can only say it is actually fair.

It’s made of super transparent glass, bond together using an agent-based on German silica gel, that’ll last for decades, and it’s also highly resilient to saltwater erosion.

Wide variety of color combinations

If seeking an aquarium to match a particular living room design is what you’re looking for, then this aquarium set can be the best candidate. It comes in no less than 8 potential color combinations that’ll surely meet the most critical expectations. The kits combine colors like red, white, gold, brown, and black creating truly amazingly looking aquariums and stands.

Improved sump and filtration capacity

The filtration chamber comes equipped with a patented box that aims to facilitate a 360° rolling filtration system. To explain this process furthermore, the separation box basically allows the water to enter through its lid where it reaches the filtration system.

At the bottom of the box, there are numerous holes that allow the water to exit the box in a uniform manner, ensuring a more effective filtration and way less noise generated compared to other filtration systems. Using this advanced filtering system, the water will stay clear for such extended periods, so that you won’t have to change more than 2/3 of the water about 1-3 times per year.

Patented separation box for filtration systems
Separation box

The separation box’s lid shows where the water is going to enter in the filtration chamber.

At the bottom of the box we can notice the area where the water will exit the box in a dripping process, generating a significant lower noise level.

Furthermore, we’ll explain the entire filtration process that occurs in a sump that’s considerably larger compared to other similar systems.

Before starting the system, please remove all the filtration components and have them properly washed!

The filtration overall space and height is significantly higher compared to other systems, offering multiple options for different filtration media.

The beneficial bacteria have a lot of surfaces to establish a healthy colony, determining way fewer water changes.

Extended sump with filtration system
Filtration space is longer and higher

The water pump is no other than the well-known JD-5500 also used by other large aquarium kits like this one. It operates at max 45W, being capable of delivering a high rate of up to 1200 GPH. This is just nothing but perfect for this tank’s size.

Aquarium dimensions

Such a sleek and large tank can’t come in a small size, isn’t it? Below we noted the size of the tank, as well as the stand itself, so you can have a better idea, of where and how it can be best placed:

  • 59″ L x 17.7″ W x 30.7″ H – Aquarium dimensions
  • 59″ L x 17.7″ W x 29.5″ H – Aquarium cabinet dimensions
  • Wide variety of colors to pick from
  • Large filtration chambers and capacity
  • Powerful pump delivering up to 1200 GPH
  • Fewer water changes needed due to the effective filtration
  • Includes all the necessary filter media
  • 3-year tank warranty & 1 year all electronics
  • Fairly priced tank

To conclude

Making the big step to such a large aquarium isn’t an easy task. It comes with plenty of questions and uncertainties, but the satisfaction is priceless once such a mesmerizing tank of 150 or 175 gallons is set on.

The stocking options are basically endless, regardless of whether we talk about fresh or saltwater environments. A freshwater Discus tank will surely look out of this world, while the displayed colors of a huge reef tank will simply look stunning, keeping everybody around the tank for hours.

Through this article and our reviewed best 150 & 175 gallon aquariums we hope that we’re of help and you can make the best decision when upgrading to a larger tank!