Best 150 & 175 gallon tanks

Best 150 and 175 Gallon Aquariums (Reviewed 2021)

It has been proven over the past couple of decades how largely spread the aquarium fish-keeping has become. Most of us begin our aquarium journey from a very young age, first by keeping some Goldfish, then some live breeders, and then moving to some larger community tanks of up to 40 gallons approximately.

Best nano aquariums for Betta

Best Nano Tanks for Betta (Reviewed 2021)

Betta are extremely popular for their exquisite personalities including their aesthetic coloration, peculiar fins and their small body shape which makes them suitable for a nano tank.

Best 50 and 55 Gallon Fish Tanks

Best 50 and 55 Gallon Fish Tanks (Reviewed 2021)

When buying the best 55 gallon aquarium which is becoming the standard size, means you’re getting a tank that is big enough to hold smaller fish in large schools but also African Cichlids for instance, yet it does not appear huge.