Best substrate for planted aquariums

Best Substrate for Planted Tanks (Reviewed 2021)

It is often said that a planted aquarium is a reflection of its substrate. Hence, a good substrate will give you a flourishing planted aquarium, while a bad choice at that will impede your planted tank.

Best digital pH meters for aquarium

Best Digital pH Meters for Aquarium (Reviewed 2021)

A pH meter for aquarium is used to test, regulate, and maintain the perfect pH level required by the fish. Unfavorable pH levels can be toxic to the aquarium inhabitants and might even cause diseases, which may end up shortening the life span of the fish.

Best aquarium water test kits

Best Aquarium Water Test Kits (Reviewed 2021)

The water test kits help you maintain the aquarium water at the optimal parameters, regardless of whether it’s a freshwater or a reef tank. It’s really not important what kind of setup you have, what’s crucial though is to make sure your aquarium is thriving.

15 Best Protein Skimmers

15 Best Protein Skimmers for Aquariums & Sump (Reviewed 2021)

A reef tank protein skimmer will concentrate and collect all this dissolved muck in its cup, and therefore it’s necessary to keep an eye on your skimmer every day as the cup should not overflow, releasing all the collected stuff, called skimmate.

Best TDS Meters for Aquarium

Best TDS Meters for Aquarium (Reviewed 2021)

What a TDS meter basically does is measuring the electrical conductivity of the water, and then calculating the TDS water levels based on this. Let’s go through our list of carefully selected TDS meters for aquariums.

Best Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps

Best Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps (Reviewed 2021)

An aquarium air pump’s main purpose is to simply bubble air through your tank providing the right levels of oxygen for its inhabitants. Depending on the species you house in your tank, you might or not need an air pump.

Best RO_DI Systems for Aquarium

Best RO/DI Systems for Aquariums (Reviewed 2021)

The Reverse Osmosis systems have pad filters made from the finest activated carbon block filter vacuum – with a strong lattice structure they remove: limescale particles, chlorine, rust, dirt particles, germs, organic contaminants, Ckws, odour, colour, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria.

Best aquarium heaters

Best Aquarium Heaters (Reviewed 2021)

Aquarium heaters come with adjustable thermostats and in different shapes. The size and the heater type are based on the tank size and fish species we house in the aquarium.